Complete guide about the currency in PUBG Mobile

Playing mobile games is most favorable activity, and many people are engaging in them. If you are interested in the shooting games, then you can install PUBG Mobile. The game is fantastic for all the players, and we can complete some kinds of missions to earn more currency. Without proper resources and currency, we cannot move forward in the game and grab much info by the PUBG Mobile review. In the game, high-quality graphics enhance the beauty of it. Lots of heroes are available for playing, and we can access them for playing the attacker role in the game.

More about currencies

In the game, the currency is a vital factor, and battle points are used as a currency. Cash currency is also significant for many customizations. We can get the currency by hitting a large number of enemies and by loot.  Here we are telling each thing about the currency.

Battle points

The high amount of currency is valuable for many things, and we can make the gameplay hand by that. Such battle points are for upgrading and adding new outfits of the heroes. The players can also change hero skins and gender. More kill gets enough amount of currency and completes some challenging tasks to get the battles points.


Cash is a digital currency, and such is also used for unlocking and purchasing some new items. For that, you have to spend some amount of real money and lead on the scoreboard.