How to choose the stories in Choices Stories You Play

For all the simulation game lovers pixelberry created a unique simulation game with the name of Choices Stories You Play. The game is trending on top in the simulation section. The game is free to download for the Android and IOS users. There is many more simulation games are available in the game stores similar to Choices Stories You Play such as the Sims free play, high school story and many more. You can meet with a massive collection of stories, and here I am explaining more deeply about it.

Essential Information about stories

The game depends on the stories and to become the winner it is must to read all the stories. For the entire stories lover, it is the best platform to meet with a lot of stories. Players can read many types of stories in it.

  • Most Wanted, Book 1 – The story is based on the hitman and the killer. Players have to solve the mystery, and they can enjoy the twist when you stop the killer to kill the people.
  • The crown & The Frame, Book 1 – In this story you have to save your kingdom from the huge number of enemies. You play the role of the king in the story and by making the strong enemy you win the fights.
  • The Royal Romance, Book 1 – It is the type of love story, and you have to do work to travel the world and reach to your prince. You have to give the commands to complete the process of propose.

You can easily find many more stories in the game as per your choice. On the other hand, it is must for the players to unlock the next chapters by using the keys.



The game Choices Stories You Play is a perfect place for those who want to read the stories in an entertaining way. It is not hard to play the game, and it increases the interest in stories. All the players should spend the keys and diamonds correctly to become the professional if you want get more this things by getting Choices Cheats.