My singing monster – Guide to gameplay and new features for achievements


My singing monster is very simple and quick learning game, which can be easily understood by any player. There are various sources to buy monsters and islands in the game. Many players get confused about how my singing monsters hack can be possible in this game. More details about the game are below.


The gameplay of my singing monsters is very easy, and the main objective of players in the game is that the users have to collect new level monsters which can be of any element. In order to make them grow and evolve, players have to breed them with other monsters.

There are various levels of monsters and elements, which is a depth of description of monsters. But if we talk about gameplay, then players have to unlock all types of monsters and make them evolve to teach them singing.

Now learn some major features

The game has very featured in it and players can enjoy with so many things in just one game. From unlocking monsters to decorate the island, players are allowed to do everything in-game. Now here are some important features that will be helpful for players –

Play with friends

This feature took the game to the new higher levels because before this feature, players were not so happy with the game. After realizing it, now players can enjoy double in the game. Players are allowed to share their monsters and also they can use them as well.

Players can unlock new islands and decorate them with their choices. The decoration objects are beautiful and can be purchased by gold, and my singing monsters hack easily without any problems.